• 10/11/2013

The greatest aspect about living in Australia is that there is such potential for adventure. Forget the shrimps on the BBQ, with a Fosters (FYI Australian’s don’t actually drink it here) in one hand, and squashing Redback’s with your $2 thong in the other while you talk to Davo, Robbo and Timbo while Shazza and Jenno drink all the vino. If you ever had the opportunity and decided to act upon it, a road trip of a lifetime awaits, driving coast to coast, up and and down, left and right. You would need a reliable vehicle, an unimaginable amount of petrol, and a playlist befitting of a road trip that will last as long as your memory remains sound. Company is optional, but advised, if not to just simply share the driving, and keep you warm at night. That’s the real Australian adventure. For me, that adventure is a year off. It will likely be my penultimate goodbye to this place I’ve called home for so long. With my affairs in order, it would be my last hurrah. I’d take the longest possible way back to England via a road trip of Australia. I’d explore the Nullabor, see the 12 Apostles, travel the Great Ocean Road, surf at Bells Beach, watch the sun rise and set above Uluru, camp under the stars with no light pollution (hello astrophotography), and swim with whale sharks over a western sunset in Perth. After all that I may even reconsider my move home, but it’s not of concern for now.

Since I’m yet to explore this country fully, in the way I’ve just described, for now I’ve been limited to only the East coast of Australia. Not that I’m complaining as I’ve explored the likes of Airlie Beach, Toowoomba, Gympie, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, South West Rocks, and everywhere in between. Along the way I’ve always had a camera with me, whether that be a Nikon DSLR, or a trusty iPhone. Either way, if opportunity presented itself, I always made time to find a moment worth capturing. I’ve stumbled across broken buildings, wildlife Steve Irwin would be proud of, telephone boxes imported from the UK, and irresistible weather with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Here are but a few:

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For more photos, past and present, join me over at Instagam: @tonnes