Steel Spinners

  • 06/11/2013

Steel wool spinning evokes a feeling of being MacGyver every time you light up. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. Your apparatus is a home made concoction of whatever you can find lying around. It typically involves a whisk (simple kitchen one will suffice), some rope to attach it to, a bit of steel wool, and a lighter. You’re then limited to your imagination. The results are petty impressive with a long exposure photograph. If you want to be super technical you can craft your own devices to create perfect circles and such. I’m yet to do that, but it will happen one day.  I’ve only tried steel wool a handful of times, and literally learned something new each time. It definitely can be a ‘whisky business’ as I’ve had a few near misses of setting fire to my surroundings, so just in case you try this for yourself, I urge you to attempt it with caution, and prepare for the inevitable; have something handy to extinguish anything that may catch alight as a result of your masterpieces. These are just the beginning of my foray into lighting up my surroundings. I’ll update as I go, and refine this ‘skill’. Maybe one day I’ll even add steel wool spinning to a resume.

DSC_2995 DSC_2996 DSC_2997 DSC_3005 DSC_3006 DSC_3010 DSC_3014

DSC_0677_1 DSC_0685 DSC_0840 DSC_0850boom DSC_0873boom_2 DSC_0928boom DSC_1137 DSC_1144 DSC_1158 DSC_1195 DSC_1199 DSC_1200 DSC_1205_3 DSC_1710 DSC_1718 DSC_1880_1 DSC_1897 DSC_2401 DSC_2410 DSC_2413 DSC_2414 DSC_2415

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